5 Tips to help deal with travel disruptions

17 September 2012



It’s getting closer to everyone’s favourite holiday season and that means a lot  of travelling is to be expected.  And because of the loads travelling that will happen, many reasons travel disruptions at the airport are bound to happen.

We have put together a collection of tips to guide travellers through the commotion in the rare instances when flight schedules are disrupted.



1. Don’t jump the gun


When you’re a frequent traveller, you know that during peak periods a lot of disruptions are prone to taking place.  So in the event that you’re maybe alerted that your flight has been changed, do not jump the gun and cancel your flight or try to get onto another flight.  You may incur unexpected costs – first step is to get as much information about the situation, then act on that.



2. Ask a travel agent – Whether you’ve booked online or directly with an airline


Should you need to change your plans, make sure you have a clear understanding of available options.   If you’ve booked with a travel agent, contact them and explain to them what you want changed, in most cases, there are 24 hour hotlines for after hours assistance.  If you did not book with a travel agent, contact a travel agent either way for additional information, to help make an informed decision.






3. Look for options


If your flight scheduled is disrupted and you’re pressed for time, then find out what options you have as far as switching to an alternative airline.  At times there are issues with a specific flight route, then contact your agent and you might be able to travel from point A to B, via point C.


4. Check your travel insurance policy


Most of us take the time to read through the fine print of insurance policies, however, we tend to miss the part that mentions what your policy will cover in the case of flights being cancelled or delayed for a long while.  Also make sure that should in the event that you’re stranded due to unexpected disruptions, you’re well accommodated for.  Find out what your travel agent has to say about your chosen travel insurance policy in such cases.



5. Know the difference between cancelling and changing your booking


In past times when there were temporary disruptions, airlines were kind enough to waiver the amendment fees that could possibly apply.  Therefore travellers were able to delay their holidays or change destinations with mild costs involved.



Cost can increase drastically if you choose to cancel your plans as a whole, which is what most travellers dread doing.  If you’re considering cancelling or changing, it’s worth your while to weigh up the potential costs.


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