5 Tips to make those long flights fly by

23 July 2014

Most travelers will be familiar with the dread of taking on long flights. Even though the fact that you can fly across an entire planet is amazing it, doesn’t make the pain of enduring a long flights any easier. Taking the the following tips into consideration will help you prepare yourself to make these journeys tolerable as possible. These tips are based on a recent 15h flight I’ve taken from Cape Town to London via Amsterdam.

Plane taking off on airport Run way Book the right seat to ensure a comfortable long haul flight


Book the right seat (Window or Aisle) 

Booking the right seat will make all the difference on a long flight. A window seat is you’re most comfortable sleeping option as you can use the plane wall to rest your head on. But if you’re someone that needs regular trips to the bathroom or has a problem with sitting still for too long then the aisle seat is the one for you. Also, keep in mind that you will need to put in your booking early to score the seat you want. I arrived early at the airport to book my seat and then realized that everyone else had made their booking in advance online.


Make use of the entertainment system

The entertainment system is a brilliant way to make a long flight pass quickly. It provides you with a large variety of up-to-date movies, series and music selections. And there is also a healthy dose of games you can indulge in, some of them even having a multiplayer option,  meaning that you can compete against other travelers on the plane. I’ve found that series is one of the best ways to seat away the time. It provides a short burst of entertainment that wont require much concentration.


Talk to People

Too many of us hide in our personal bubbles when we get on a plane. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with your flight neighbor. Nothing eats away time like a good conversation. And who knows, you might just make a good friend.


Book a night flight

Sleep is a excellent way of dealing with long flights. Booking a night flight will go well with your body clock, making it a great deal easier to doze off and sleep the hours away.


Dress comfortably

This is another very important step to help you deal with a long flight. When you are spending half a day sitting down in a airplane, being as comfortable as possible is of great importance.


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