5 Tips for festive travelling

28 November 2011

The festive season is around the corner and this is  time for travellers.  To make life easier, (thank me later), I’ve put together top 5 tips to help make your festive travels less chaotic

1. Book in advance, be wary of the dates you choose, check-in online

Here’s why: dates closer to festive holidays are favoured by most travellers, meaning longer queues, fully booked flights.  I’d recommend, travelling on the actual holiday (i.e. Christmas Day).  Why?  Chances are that, queues are shorter and the flights for those days are not as full.

Check-in online, that way you skip the “check-in” queue and just drop off your bags.  Most travellers do not check-in online therefore the queues to drop off your bag are much shorter.

2. Keep your travel documents close

If you are travelling abroad and have a stopover before you arrive at your destination then take along a small pouch to keep all your travel documents in one place.  Make sure you have the details of your holiday such as where you’ll be staying, how long you’ll be staying there and more.  You want to make your “border security” experience quick and hassle free.

3. Wrapping paper is a NO!

I know most of you will be travelling with prezzies for family and friends.  If you are travelling internationally, I would suggest not wrapping them.  For security reasons, your pretty wrapping paper may be not so pretty.  Security may unwrap your gifts just ensure that you’re not breaching any security regulations.  To avoid such, try shopping online and have the gifts delivered to that specific destination.  Chances are you won’t have to pay for delivery (festive specials, who knows) and you won’t have to worry about the prezzie taking up extra luggage space.

5. Snack Attack

Flight delays can happen over the Festive Season.  If you are travelling with kids, carry a munchies rescue bag to keep them going whilst you wait for your flight to be announced.  Travel gadgets will also come in handy at this time, make sure your iPad, MP3 and more are fully charged.  Some reading material will also come in handy.  Most of all, try to be calm at all times, you don’t want all eyes on you just cause you couldn’t keep your “cool” over something that you have absolutely no power over.

5. Get to Know Your Airports

A few days before your departure, take some time to research the airport you’ll be landing at.  This way you can organise the most convenient, pocket-friendly transfer.  If you are visiting family & they’ve offered to pick you up at that airport - that's awesome! As you need not worry about getting to your final destination.  Should things not go according to plan, feel free to ask a security person or visit the airports info desk to enquire about transport options to your hotel.

Happy Travels!