5 Free things to do in any country

26 April 2012

There is just something about doing something “normal” when at another country... Not sure what normal entails for you, so I’ve put together yet another list, but this one includes 5 normal / free things to do in any country.

1. Picnic

Picnics are free and are great for getting friends & family together. Picnic anywhere, on a rooftop, free park, on the side of road whilst on a road trip.

2. Attend a free concert

The best way to enjoy any city is to party with the locals, they are sure to bring out the true essence of that country effortlessly. So if there is a free local festival or concert, join in on the fun.

3. Explore the city by foot

You always find a city’s “hot-spots” by foot. That sweet antique store, or that hidden boutique store that has that jacket you’ve always wanted. Yep take to the city by foot and you’ll find many hidden treasures.

4. Visit the local library

It may sound boring, but the architecture of that specific library will most probably overwhelm you. Whilst at the local library, try to find books you have in your local library back home.

5. Find the city’s land marks

Many people travel to Cape Town, South Africa to get a glimpse of the world famous Table Mountain from a far at times. Be one of those tourist, visit a country and spot one of their natural land marks.

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