5 Free things to do in Mauritius for Families

4 October 2018

Looking for a fantastic family holiday that won’t break the bank? Then Mauritius is for you! This exciting island has plenty of super fun things to do that the whole family will love – and they’re totally free! What’s more, we have some amazing family holiday deals on offer too.

1. Search for treasure at Port Louis market

There’s always something exciting happening at Port Louis Market. Taking place every day, this bustling hub of activity is packed with local culture, delicious food and lots of local arts and crafts. Browse busy stalls piled high with exotic fruits, spices and herbs. Sample tasty street food such as chicken tikka and delicious Alouda (a refreshing milkshake made with basil seeds, sweetened milk, rose syrup and vanilla). Then shop for some memorable souvenirs including colourful textiles, sculptures, jewellery and more.

2. Snap the perfect family photo at Cap Malheureux

While beautiful Mauritius has no shortage of picturesque fishing villages, Cap Malheureux is up there with the best of them. Located on the island’s northernmost tip, this quaint spot provides the perfect backdrop for a sunny day out with the family. Swim in the crystal clear water. Visit the beautiful Notre Dame Auxiliatrice church. Find out why the village is named Cape Misfortune (hint: it has to do with shipwrecks). And enjoy the gorgeous view of the nearby Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coin de Mire islands. If you’re keen to explore a little further, hop on a speed boat for a quick cruise (this part might not be free, but it sure is fun!).

3. Watch the fishermen’s catch

Watch Mauritian fishermen in action as they haul in their daily catch in Grand Gaube. Many families in this small north-eastern fishing village rely heavily on the ocean for their livelihood. Wake up early to see these dedicated fisherman bring in and unload their overnight haul.

4. Explore Black River Gorges National Park

Get your family up close to nature in the spectacular Black River Gorges National Park. This beautiful forest is teeming with local wildlife, waterfalls, valleys and volcanic formations to explore. Wander along winding hiking trails, stopping for a swim and a picnic at one of many stunning view points along the way.

5. Check out the ocean action

Mauritius is a hot spot for water sports, especially surfing and kitesurfing. If your little ones aren’t quite up to hitting the waves themselves, there’s another way to get in on the action that’s just as fun. Head to Le Morne where talented daredevils do thrilling tricks and wow the crowds with their cool moves.

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