5 Best Experiences In Bali

21 May 2018

With its colourful culture, beautiful beaches and welcoming people, there are way too many amazing things to do in Bali to list all at once. So we’ve chosen a few of the must-do’s to get your holiday in Bali off to a good start.

1. Dance with fire at Uluwatu Temple

Perched on a steep cliff side 70m above the ocean below, jaw-dropping Pura Luhur Uluwatu gives famous Tanah Lot a run for its money when it comes breathtaking settings. But it’s not just the radiant sunsets and stunning views this incredible temple has to offer. Surrounded by holy shrines and sacred sculptures, an amphitheatre plays host to lively Kecak fire dance performances – a mesmerising cultural display you’ll never forget.

2. Take your pick of the Gili Islands

Just a few hours offshore, you’ll find 3 small idyllic islands perfect for a few days off the mainland. Each island has its own charm – so it’s up to you to decide what you’re into. For a bit of downtime, head to Gili Meno were the crowds are small and the beaches are quiet. Step up the vibe at Gili Air with awesome beaches and a few more things to do. Up for a party? Put on your party shoes at Gili Trawagan - famous for its rocking nightlife.

Bonus: Be sure to snap an Instagram pic at the famous ocean swing that floats just above the shore.

3. Get into the kitchen

Balinese cuisine is so good, it's half the reason travellers flock there in the first place! Step into one of the many warungs and tuck into freshly roasted babi guling (suckling pig marinated for hours in a mix of fragrant spices). Or take your love of food to the next level with a Balinese cooking class, starting with a stroll through the market to pick up fresh ingredients, then on to an open-air kitchen to whip up your own delicious local dishes.

4. Explore the water

Snap on a snorkel and make friends with the teeming marine life below the clear ocean waters. Check out the spooky sunken freighter at Tulamben, delve the dense mangroves of Nusa Lembongan or just splash around offshore for a glimpse of colourful rainbow fish. Keen for a bit of surface action? Grab a board and hit the waves. Beginners can head to one of many renowned surf schools where a trained guide will teach you the right techniques and a few fancy moves too.

5. Rock the rice paddies

Rice farming is a staple of Balinese culture and cuisine. Get a feel for the real Bali inland as you walk, ride or drive through the Jatiluwih rice fields where farmers work the lush rolling terraces for ancient strains of rice native to the area.

These are the moments that stay with you for a lifetime. Experience them first hand with our fantastic travel deals to Bali.