4 Reasons to tour Croatia

2 January 2018

Thanks to its unspoiled beaches, ancient architecture and pumping party scene, Croatia is fast-becoming one of the most popular choices for a holiday. Aside from the natural beauty of the islands, Croatia has something for everyone; including fresh seafood and a vibrant nightlife. Grab your beach towel and your sunnies! Here are four reasons to tour Croatia.

1. Breath-taking architecture

Ancient walled towns and colonial architecture beg to be discovered along Croatia’s coastline. If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones”, be sure to flock to Dubrovnik and Split, where you’ll find yourself in in the midst of King’s Landing. Amid the ancient columns, temples, walls and underground cellars that once made up the Roman emperor Diocletian’s Palace in Split, you’ll find hidden bars, restaurants and shops where you can rest awhile. Explore the Cathedral of Saint Domnius which has been around since the 7th century, before making your way to Korcula for your fix of Venetian architecture, stone streets, local wine and fresh seafood.

2. Picture-perfect beaches

The Dalmatian coast of Croatia offers beaches that are perfect for lazy days spent dozing or consuming trashy holiday novels. Don’t expect sand though. Croatia’s picture-perfect beaches are pebbled but the sapphire water and white coastline still make for some impressive Instagram shots. Zlatni Rat is the most popular beach by far, but Nugal is an exquisite hidden spot without the crowds. If that sounds too relaxing, there are several water sports to keep you busy during your stay, such as snorkelling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. You can even snorkel around a German Second World War ship which can be spotted just below the surface of the water in Zavratnica Bay.

3. Premier party spots

If you’re looking for the best spot to let loose and have some fun, Hvar is considered Croatia’s premier party spot. There are a number of restaurants, bars and hotels, but thanks to the island’s reputation amongst the wealthy, prices can be steep. No matter, though. There are hostels and other private locations that cater to a younger crowd and a smaller budget. Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, also has plenty to offer if you’re looking to stay out late. Though most of the best bars are in unlikely places and you’ll need to ask a local just where to find them, they’re well worth the effort. Here. you’ll experience the camaraderie that comes from dancing the weekend away with a crowd of strangers.

4. Gobsmacking gastronomy

You’ll be hard-pressed to find food in Croatia that is distinctly Croatian. Thanks to influences from various regions, neighbouring countries and ancient ruling nations; Croatia’s cuisine is nothing if not diverse. While the food shares traits with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food; seafood is one thing you’ll find in abundance. Try the grilled Adriatic squid, a local favourite and delicacy, or the mussels and oysters that are freshly caught. If you’re feeling brave, the black risotto with cuttlefish is a popular dish, but grab your camera because it will turn your teeth and your mouth black! You can also get a feel for Croatian culture by sampling a glass of rakija, a distilled spirit made from fruit. Be aware; it’s a symbol of hospitality to look your fellow drinkers in the eye, clink glasses, and down the entire shot at once. Who are we to argue with tradition?

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