10 Reasons you should fly with Qantas

8 April 2019

Most long-haul flights can be pretty exhausting. But if you choose the right airline, you’ll find that time just flies when you’re having fun! Qantas is definitely up there when it comes to top in-flight experiences. Check out these 10 reasons why you should choose to fly with Qantas.

1. Famous safety record

Qantas has been soaring through the skies for nearly a century. So, it’s safe to say they must be doing something right. In fact, not only has Qantas had a flawless record of no fatal accidents for more than 64 years, but it’s also rated the “world’s safest airline” on

2. Go anywhere

Qantas has a super impressive flight plan spanning across 31 international destinations in 14 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

3. Choose your class

Whether you want to splash out, keep it economical or something in between, Qantas has the perfect travel class for you. Choose from International First, International Business, International Premium Economy and International Economy – a comfortable fit for you and your wallet.

4. Always on time

No one likes to find out that their flight has been delayed. Luckily when it comes to Qantas, their track record shows impressive punctuality. Qantas has the best monthly result for on-time flight arrivals and departures for any major airline in over a decade.

5. Delicious dining

What’s the deal with airline food? Forget cardboard meals and tuck into a whole new in-flight menu designed by experienced chefs. Generous portions, healthier options, and more luxurious dishes are all on offer. You can even order ahead using the handy Q Eat service.

6. Best sky cellar

Fancy a glass of wine with your meal? Sommeliers are on board to help you find the perfect pairing. The wine selection is particularly impressive and has earned Qantas numerous awards, including the Cellars in the Sky Award, Best Overall Wine Cellar, Best First-Class Cellar and Best Business Class Cellar to name a few.

7. Sitting pretty

Whether you’re in First Class or Economy, Qantas has gone to great lengths to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Economy and Premium Economy provide slimline seats designed by Marc Newson with ergonomic features such as deeper recline, lumbar support and adjustable headrest wings. Premium Economy seats add to the comfort levels with fold-out footrests for extra leg support.

8. Awesome amenities

Everyone loves freebies, especially if they can make a long-haul flight more comfortable. Qantas treats all passengers to a handy amenity pack including eyeshades, earplugs and oral care on Economy, as well as luxury skincare products in a swanky bag for Business flyers.

9. Never a dull moment

Qantas pulls out all the stops when it comes to in-flight entertainment. The on-demand in-flight entertainment system features over 1500 options, including up to 100 new releases, more than 500 popular TV shows, 1000 music options, audiobooks, radio stations, and tons of games. Passengers also get exclusive access to Lonely Planet interactive travel guides, so you can get a head start on your travel destination. Kids are also kept entertained with a dedicated Kids Zone and children's activity packs.

10. All the awards

It’s no wonder that Qantas has accrued a long list of awards over the years, including Best Catering, Best Lounges and Best Domestic Service in the 2018 Airline Excellence Awards (, and Australia’s Best Airline in 2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards to name a few.

Make your journey just as fun as your destination aboard Qantas Airlines. Book your next holiday today!