10 Most Insta-Awesome Photo Hot Spots In Thailand

3 May 2018

If you go to Thailand and don’t take any photos – did it really happen? Make sure all your peeps back home know just how stunning your Thailand holiday is by taking the coolest selfies and OMG shots in these must-see Instagram hot spots.

Shop and snap

Thailand has more vibrant, colourful and exotic street markets than you can shake a selfie stick at. Just two hours out of Bangkok, you’ll find the most famous floating market – Damnoen Saduak – waiting for its close up.

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Underwater shoot

Slip into some scuba gear, grab your waterproof camera and go down below for an undersea photo shoot. Wanna get up close and personal with a whale shark? Try a dive just off the coast of Khao Lak to nab a shot of these gentle giants.

Full moon filter

You haven’t really experienced Thailand until you’ve seen it under the full-on glow of a Full Moon Party. Head to Koh Phangan for glow-in-dark shots of party people, awesome fireworks, crazy dance moves and more.

Elefantastic selfie

Thailand is known for its beautiful Asian elephants. Head to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai for an ethical ellie photo shoot (these elephants have been rescued from logging and tourist camps – and now they’re looked after properly and living the good life).

Say Wat?!

There’s no shortage of epic temples to take pics of in Thailand. But Wat Pho in Bangkok’s Old City is one of the most impressive. Lie down next to the 46m-long golden Buddha statue and say cheese!

Khao San Road close up

Packed with locals selling everything from bikinis and jeans to liquor and massages – this crazy street in the centre of Bangkok is the perfect backdrop to capture the huge crowds and buzzing vibe of the city.

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Must-see Phi Phi

Leave off the filters and keep it real at naturally gorgeous Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi. It’s no wonder this insanely beautiful spot was used to shoot The Beach.

For the foodies

From red coconut curries and chicken satay to fancy fruit art and neon cocktails, we won’t blame you for Instagramming pretty much every meal.

Keep your eye on the Skybar

The Dome at Skybar (on top of Iebua State Tower) is one of the most iconic shots in Bangkok. Wait till the sun sets and snap a pic just as the dome lights up against the night sky.

Festival of Lights

It’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo at the amazing Festival of Lights in Chiang Mai. Just point and click to the sky were thousands of glowing lanterns float off carrying the wishes of those below.

And that’s just to start! You’ll need an extra memory card to keep up with all the awesome Instagram moments on your Thailand holiday. Check out our awesome offers onThailand holidays here.