10 destinations for the most memorable proposals ever

19 November 2015

Surely one of the most special times of anyone’s life, is when we decide to get engaged to the person who has made us complete, and who we decide we can’t live without. So when you pop the question, why not make it an exceptional event by whisking your partner away to a memorable destination and do it with romance and style.

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The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural special-effects display, which splashes dazzling colour across an icy northern hemisphere night sky. This breath-taking spectacle happens when gaseous particles from the earth’s atmosphere collide with gaseous particles from the suns atmosphere and the result is a light show, which no fireworks display could ever come close to. You can view this amazing sight with a trip to Alaska or Norway during their late autumn or early spring months.

A Sunrise Trek in Bali

As if being in Bali wasn’t awesome enough, why not take a guided trek to the top of the active volcano - Mount Batur, for ocean and mountain views that will take your breath away? From your elevated vantage point, the scene will be set. As the sun comes up over the horizon and showers the island of Bali with golden sunlight, you pull out the ring and ask the big question. Sounds pretty good right?

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Take a trip to Australia’s east coast and spend some time exploring one of the most beautiful and fascinating dive spots in the world. If you’re the adventurous type of couple who is always out and about looking for new adventures, The Great Barrier Reef may just be the perfect location. At 18m below the surface, with manta rays and turtles gently swimming around you in crystal clear water, why not ask her under water?

New York’s Central Park

Plan a night out in New York without telling your other half what you will be doing for the evening. Feel the vibrant energy of the city pulse through your veins as you make your way through the streets of New York. Make your way to Central Park for a quiet, romantic stroll and wait for the opportune moment to ask the love of your life to marry you. Once the excitement has settled a little, treat her to an evening of splendour in one of the most fascinating cities on the planet.

Phi Phi Island at Sunset

Phi Phi island in Thailand is a tropical paradise that most people just visit for a while before hopping back on their tour boats and zooting off to the next island. Take it slow and book a beach front chalet for a night or two. They’re very reasonably priced and will give you the opportunity to explore the island and laze on the beach while you watch the stars streak across the night sky. Pop the question at sunset as the golden sunlight bathes the island in a warm glow and the clear water laps over your feet on the shore line.

A trek to Mount Everest base camp

Go big or go home is the philosophy behind this idea for a marriage proposal. Fly to Kathmandu and then make your way to Mount Everest where you can join the Sherpa’s and other hikers on a journey of a lifetime. Spend a week or two hiking in the most spectacular mountain range in the world and stay over at tea houses on your way to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. We’re pretty sure this will make for the perfect setting for your big question. This hike is not for the faint hearted!

On top of Table Mountain

Hike or catch the cable car to the top of Table Mountain and soak up the ambience of Cape Town from above. The ocean views are spectacular, and on a clear day you can see for miles around you. Time it right and get your partner to the top for sunset with a bottle of champagne and some delicious snacks. The two of you will share an intimate moment that will last a lifetime and offer the perfect start to the rest of your lives together.

The balcony of your floating chalet in the Maldives

The Maldives may just be heaven on earth, especially when you stay in a private log cabin on stilts, surrounded by crystal clear blue water with an island paradise in the background. Prepare a meal yourself, add candles, blankets and cushions and then let the view from your balcony do the rest!

A hot air balloon ride in the Serengeti

You and your partner will feel a sense of peace and relaxation as the cool morning mist covering the wilderness below slowly dissipates, and the wonder of the Serengeti opens up before your eyes. As the hiss of the hot air balloons burner floats you over the breath-taking scenery below and the sun slowly rises on the African horizon, the moment has arrived to ask that ever important question, ‘’Will you marry me?’’

Lounging on the pristine beaches of the Caribbean

If you’re going to pop the question out of nowhere and want to aim for that element of surprise, why not do it somewhere spectacular, like on the white sandy shores of the Caribbean? With spectacular scenery setting the ambience for your moment of truth, a light sea breeze keeping you cool and delicious cocktails beside you, why not spring the question on her as you relax on the beach, and when she least expects it?

Make new memories which are sure to last a lifetime. We’re pretty sure these unique destinations are some of the most perfect places for you to pop the question. Contact your Flight Centre Consultant today to make your dream become a reality!

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