A tour is a great way to see more of your holiday destination than you otherwise might. At Flight Centre we offer a wide range of tour deals, from day tours to month-long tours, from walking tours to cooking tours, all of which have been handpicked by us to enhance your holiday experience. The most popular and cheapest tour operators are listed here, and for a tour deal that suits you simply email your request or call us on 0877 40 50 00.

About Tours

There's a tour for everyone

So, you’ve picked your destination, locked in those cheap flights and got your accommodation all sorted? That’s the tough part out of the way, now for the fun stuff: deciding what to do when you’re there! Flight Centre has a wide range of tours to suit every travel style, whether you’re an adventurous sort, a self-confessed foodie, a budding photographer or a history buff.

Top 5 reasons for touring

  • Expert guides give you an in-depth experience
  • Meet and create friendships with like-minded travellers
  • Travel all around the world with many hassles taken care of
  • Some places can only be seen on a tour
  • Wide range of tours, including solo, group and luxury

Why book a tour

While you might think of tours as added extras, they can add another dimension to your getaway and often end up being holiday highlights. Tours allow you to get to know your destination a little better, immersing you deep within the scenery, the cuisine and the local cultures. You can tour by foot, boat, train, scooter, tuk-tuk, kayak or camel; there are countless things to see and hundreds of ways to get you there.

Tours are perfect for solo voyagers – with the added bonus of meeting like-minded travellers and forging lasting friendships – but are also fantastic for families looking to spend a bit more time together, or couples keen to explore the wider world hand-in-hand. Most tour groups are small enough so that you won’t get lost in the crowd, and can vary from a few hours to a few days.

Where touring can take you

Tour providers exist to make the entire world accessible for everyone no matter their background. From the astonishing Egyptian pyramids and artwork in the Louvre, to the dazzling city lights and sights in New York and the stretches of seemingly deserted coastal coves in Thailand, there's nowhere in this world a tour can't take you.

In fact, joining a tour is sometimes the only way to reach a particular place, such as Antarctica or the Inca Trail in Peru. You don't necessarily have to be part of a large group, with many destinations reachable through solo and small group tours. So whether you’re travelling on a shoestring or a Champagne budget, you can always make your holiday that little bit more memorable by adding a tour to your travel plans.

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