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Bali holiday | best bars in Bali

THE BEST BARS IN BALI From beachside cantinas and laid-back pubs to swanky lounges and pumping clubs, bustling Bali has more bars than you can shake a cocktail umbrella at. So whether you’re in the mood for a quiet sundowner, ice-cold Bintang, exotic cocktail or sophisticated whisky, we’ve ... Continue Reading

A European tour will change your life

Whether you’re a young traveller with itchy feet or a busy hard working individual who longs to travel again, Flight Centre can offer you a tour to satisfy your wanderlust. Ranging from 1 day right up to a few weeks, you can embark on the trip of a lifetime through the countryside of Europe ... Continue Reading

Romantic holiday spots for a quick getaway

A romantic holiday is probably on most people’s mind with Valentine’s Day around the corner. No matter where you live in South Africa, a quick weekend break is just around the corner. If you’re looking to spark a little romance into your relationship with a weekend getaway, take a look at ... Continue Reading

5 of the best island holidays for 2017

An island holiday is one of the best types of holiday for many reasons. Maybe it’s the early evening strolls along empty beaches, or the sun-drenched days spent frolicking in crystal clear water that make them so enticing. Or perhaps it’s the discovery of something new as you explore the ... Continue Reading

Top 5 bucket list destinations for 2017

  There’s places to see and experiences to be had this year. So how is your bucket list of destinations looking at the moment? Why not check out these amazing places around the world and get inspired to travel with us in 2017. From Europe to Asia, and the Americas to Australia, the ... Continue Reading