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Travel Advice, Travel Warnings, Safe Travel

Travel Advice

Safe Travel

To get up to date travel advice and find out about any travel warnings that are in place, visit or talk to your local Flight Centre consultant.

Local Law

Every traveller should make themselves aware of the local law of the country they are visiting. When it comes to the law, pleading ignorance does not stand up as a defence. The laws of some countries are very different from our own and things we do or take for guaranteed could potentially see you with a hefty fine or, in a worse case scenario, imprisonment.

Travel Blogs

An increasingly popular way of keeping your friends and family up to date with all your travel experiences, photos and more is by having a travel blog website. Let your family and friends share in your experience and show them what has been happening.

You can upload pictures and text in a very simple diary format and it's much easier and quicker than sending personal emails. Having a travel blog doesn't require enhanced technological, it's very simple and user friendly. Check out some of these sites for more information,,,

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