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Travel & Health Advice

It is essential that you are aware that the standards of medical care vary greatly from those in Hong Kong. The cost of medical assistance whilst travelling is usually very high and some places will require that you pay in full in advance. Also if a medical evacuation is necessary, you could be thousands of dollars out of pocket.

It is also important to find out what travel vaccinations are required for the country or countries you are visiting. It is suggested that six weeks prior to your travel (depending on what countries you are visiting) you consult a doctor to ensure you have all your necessary travel vaccinations, immunisations and/or tablets.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides information for travellers on its website Another useful website is which details recent health alerts for destinations around the world and related travel health advice for travellers.


If you are planning on taking any medications overseas with you, you will need to check that they are legal in the country that you are visiting. If you do need to travel with medications, you may need a letter from your doctor describing your medical conditions and a detailed list of the medication you are travelling with. Medication will need to be in its original packaging and be clearly marked and be in labelled containers. For more information on what medications can and cannot be taken to your chosen destination please contact the Embassy or High Comission of the country you are travelling to for advice on what medications to carry for that country.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one aspect of your trip that cannot be overlooked. A well known saying in the travel industry is "if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel". Travel insurance is specially designed to address the many situations and potential risks that are involved in travelling and provides you coverage from the moment you leave your home until you arrive back.

Flight Centre offers travel insurance protection through it's respected partner, Travelsure. Founded by Kiwis in 1986, Travelsure provides travel insurance for approximately one million travellers each year and has operations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. For more information see our travel insurance section.

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