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Cruise destinations

Cruise destinations

When you book a cruise holiday, as well as researching the type of cruise ships available, you also must select from many cruise destinations available. Quite a task, considering the amazing options out there! A myriad of cultures, history and incredible landmarks await, from the richness of the Mediterranean to the exotic mysticism of the Middle East. Let us help you in your decision with our list of top cruise destinations, and our cruise seasonality guide.

In no particular order, the following is a list of the current most popular cruise destinations:

Top 5 up and coming cruise destinations

River cruising

Explore the river systems of some of the world's most renowned waterways. Witness local life on the banks of the Nile in Egypt, the Yangtze in China and the Volga in Russia.

Expedition cruising

Make your cruise a true adventure! Explore the world's last true wilderness frontier, Antarctica, navigate through the living waters of the Amazon or be gob-smacked by Galapagos Island wildlife.

South America

A heady mix of Latino rhythms, laid-back beach culture, vibrant city life and spectacular natural wonders, South America is a cruising dream come true, with each port of call offering vastly different experiences.

The Middle East

Experience the mystical beauty of the Middle East: from the ancient sites to Dubai, a modern city in the United Arab Emirates, this is a safe and exciting way to explore this incredible destination.

Grand line voyages

Take to the seas in a big way - glide through the world's mightiest oceans on a grand ocean liner. Cross from one hemisphere to another in style on your floating resort.

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