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Festivals and Cultural Events

Festivals & Cultural Events

If you've ever thought of partying in Rio, watching effigies burn in Spain or knocking back a stein in Germany, then here's our guide to the best carnivals, festivals and cultural events worldwide.

1) Rio Carnival, Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Join the world's wildest, largest, glitziest and most famous carnival of them all. Rio Carnival is a wild five-day celebration where people dance, sing, party and have lots of fun in Rio's streets, squares, bars and clubs, culminating in the colourful Samba Parade (also called the Rio Carnival Parade). Join in the Fun at Rio Carnival, Rio de Janerio, Brazil >>> Find out more about the Rio Carnival....

2) Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Munich's Oktoberfest is famous throughout the world as one of the greatest beer festivals in Europe and ranks officially as the world's largest public festival. First held in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of King Joseph Maximilian of Bavaria to Princess Theresa of Saxony, the festival was such a huge success that it has continued every year since. Discover the worlds greatest beer festival Oktoberfest >>>> Learn more about Oktoberfest....

3) Las Fellas, Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas is one of Spain's most unique festivals, held in Valencia annually on 19 March to celebrate Saint Joseph's Day. The main feature of this famous festival is the creation of the fallas effigies, huge papier-maché figures called ninots (Valencian for puppets or dolls) and their eventual destruction by fire. 'Las Fallas' literally means 'the torches' in Valencian. Explore the unique festival of Las Vellas, Valencia, Spain >>> Read more about Las Fellas....

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