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Europe Travel - Adventure Travel in Europe and Russia

Europe adventure travel

Travel Europe and marvel at tsarist treasures in the imperial capital of St Petersburg, see the stunning wilderness of Siberia from the Trans-Siberian Railway, explore ancient walled cities in Croatia and France, then ski, hike or bike the soaring Alps. A world of travel adventure awaits you in Europe and Russia.


Russia - in the footsteps of the Tsars

Discover the treasures of this vast land by following in the footsteps of Russian royalty. Stroll the imperial capital of St Petersburg, marvel at tsarist treasures in the Hermitage, visit the Romanovs' royal residences of Europe, travel former tsarist palaces, kremlins and along the way discover ancient capitals and enjoy Siberian hospitality and rural village life. » More on Russia adventure travel holiday ideas

Croatia & Dalmatian Coast

Croatia offers a dramatic, island-fringed stretch of coastline scattered with fishing villages, medieval towns, hilltop castles, Roman ruins and ancient walled cities rivalled nowhere else in Europe. Travel the Dalmatian coastline which alone boasts more than 1000 offshore islands, with secluded coves and excellent beaches just waiting to be discovered by yacht or forest track. Away from the coast, Croatia’s unspoiled countryside, rugged mountain ranges and national parks are ideal for mountaineering, hiking and cycling. Add a mild Mediterranean climate, delicious seafood and a dash of good wine and you have the prefect recipe for a great travel adventure. » More on Croatia adventure travel holiday ideas

Eastern and Western France

Blessed with a cultural heritage spanning more than 2000 years, France offers a rich tapestry of compelling sights and some of the most enchanting Europe travel adventures. Discover caves cloaked in prehistoric art, Roman ruins, Gothic-style cathedrals and medieval villages located in diverse and often dramatic landscapes – perfect for hiking, cycling, horseback riding and boating travel adventures » More on Eastern & Western France adventure travel holiday ideas

Southern France

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean through the majestic Pyrenees to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Southern France offers scenic regions of natural wonders, ancient Roman ruins, picture-postcard castles, medieval walled-cities and world-famous resorts, which combined are a pinnacle of Europe travel. » More on Southern France adventure travel holiday ideas

England and Wales

Explore the beautiful outdoor spaces of England and Wales on a hiking, biking or horseback riding adventure. Travel any one of numerous marked paths to witness inspiring landscapes, including national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and regions designated as ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’ within Europe. Travel along these meandering trails until often you find Neolithic monuments, Roman remains or medieval castles and cathedrals, providing an historical insight into this ancient landscape. » More on England & Wales adventure travel holiday ideas

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