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Central and South America Travel:Adventure

Central and South America adventure travel

Journey in Darwin’s footsteps to the unique Galapagos Islands, fish for piranha along the yellow-tinged Amazon River, get wet at Iguaçu Falls or soak up a tan on Copacabana Beach while sipping a caipirinha.

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Seals, Galapogos Islands

Explore the Galapagos Islands

Journey in Darwin's footsteps to one of the world's greatest wildlife sanctuaries. Go ashore for close encounters with species that have no instinctive fear of man - get close to marine iguanas, snorkel underwater with penguins and go face-to-face with famous giant tortoises. » More on the Galapagos Islands adventure travel holiday ideas

Discover the Amazon Basin

Discover the Amazon Basin, an area of more than 6 million sq km, home to one-third of all known living species on earth and the last great wilderness on the planet. Explore the upper tributaries of the Amazon River, spot exotic birdlife, fish for piranha and meet an Amazon tribe. » More on the Amazon Basin adventure travel holiday ideas

Immerse yourself in Brazil

Brazil is blessed with more than 8000 sq km of stunning coastline, dense rainforests and pristine wetlands teeming with exotic wildlife, as well as some of the oldest and most exciting cities in the New World. » More on Brazil adventure travel holiday ideas

Immerse yourself in Peru

Peru easily blends a range of exciting outdoor activities with unspoiled natural beauty and ancient man-made marvels, ranking it as one of South America’s top adventure destinations. Discover the spectacular mountains and valleys of the Andes, with some of the finest trekking, climbing and mountain biking in South America. Explore the vast tropical rainforest of the Amazon, a watery highway teeming with wildlife and home to indigenous tribes that remain untouched by the modern world. Or prowl the 2414km-long Pacific coastline searching for the perfect surf point break. » More on Peru adventure travel holiday ideas

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