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Asia Travel Adventure

Asia adventure travel

Experience the diversity of Asia on a travel adventure through river and jungle to discover crumbling vine-covered ruins of Buddhist temples, icons of ancient civilisations, monolithic limestone islands, soul-stirring festivals and even claustrophobic wartime tunnels. Asia travel boasts so many travel adventures you won't want to come home.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia


After decades of war and isolation, Cambodia's legacy of ancient civilizations and scenic beauty is once again open to adventure travel from visitors. » More on Cambodia adventure travel holiday ideas


Discover an intriguing land of overwhelming natural beauty, rich in culture and tradition and overflowing with adventure. Travel a country which, since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1975, following years of war, has gone through a renaissance. Today this resilient nation bursts with optimism and commercial energy, allowing visitors access throughout the country and offering a range of adventure travel options, typically within easy reach of fine cuisine and accommodation to suit every budget. » More on Vietnam adventure travel holiday ideas

Central China, China

Cruise the famous Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, whose soaring cliffs are lined with caves and tombs dating back to the Yellow Emperor (considered in Chinese mythology to be the ancestor of all Han Chinese). Experience breathtaking scenery along the Little Three Gorges, explore the ‘Ghost City’ of Fengdu, admire ancient Buddhist sculptures in the caves at Baoding Shan and discover the world’s largest stone Buddha at Emeishan. » More on central China adventure travel holiday ideas

China Silk Road, China

Retrace the footsteps of ancient traders along the legendary Silk Road – a route that stretched from Xi'an in Shaanxi Province through the narrow Hexi Corridor to the Chinese frontier at Jade Gate Pass. From here the Silk Road followed hundreds of desert and mountain trails across Central Asia to Europe. » More on China Silk Road adventure travel holiday ideas


Experience an unforgettable Asia travel adventure on the ‘roof of the world’. Explore engrossing monasteries, meet engaging people, watch chanting monks spin prayer wheels and hike stunning high-altitude mountains. » More on Tibet adventure travel holiday ideas

South West China, China

Explore on foot, by bicycle or on a river cruise some of China's most picturesque regions which iconise Asia travel – a land of rugged limestone mountains and terraced rice fields, shrouded with mist and home to minority peoples. » More on South West China adventure travel holiday ideas

Beijing and Eastern China, China

Take an endless travel adventure through 5000 years of man-made marvels that dot the scenic landscape of eastern China. » More on Beijing and Eastern China adventure travel holiday ideas

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