Malorie Noel

Flight Centre has not only given me a job. The have given me a support system, confidence in myself and a long-term career to look forward to."

Muzette Hanekom

Flight centre has added value to my life and made me a happier person. Love the company CULTURE, the PEOPLE, INCENTIVES, GROWTH and RECOGNITION!

Jo Du plessis

After 10 years working with flight centre, many people ask, why so long with flight centre, why do you stay? And it really is a simple answer - BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST ! Flight centre is the best company to work for as it cares about its people and makes sure while we work hard we will get recognised for our achievements.

Owain John

I have traveled the world with Flight Centre, have touched countless lives...and the best of my career is yet to come

LeeAnn Habiballah

Flight Centre opens the world to us through constant training and development, there really is no limit to what you can achieve.


Flight Centre