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Myanmar Airways Airlines

Myanma Airways and Myanmar Airways International were previously known as Union of Burma Airways, then Burma Airways Corporation.

In 1972 Union of Burma Airways was renamed as Burma Airways Corporation, and then became Myanma Airways in 1989. This new look, newly branded company still focuses on the same three areas today as it did in 1989, those being Safety, Service and Image.

Myanma Airways is the national carrier for Myanmar, a domestic airline operated by the Ministry of Transport. This domestic service began in 1948 and by 1950 it was offering flights to destinations including Singapore, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Chittagong and Calcutta. Today, this arm of the company schedules domestic flights only. You can book flights on Myanma Airways to 21 domestic destinations.

For international flights, Myanma Airways co-owns Myanmar Airways International, an airline that prides itself on providing passengers with genuine smiles, direct-friendliness and integrity of our cabin crew, ground crew and support staff, with a mission of excellence in everything we do.

When you have Myanmar Airways International flight bookings you can rest assured that your safety is this airlines' top priority. All pilots and engineers are expatriates from other world-leading airlines, each bringing with them high levels of experience and skills.

Myanmar Airways International is home to a fleet of modern Boeing aircraft, along with the most up-to-date forms of technology and safety standards. Aircrafts seat from 150 to 180 passengers each, in comfortable seating arrangements to help passengers rest and enjoy their travel experience. A full meal service is provided on all flights, regardless of their duration.

With the highest regard for the safety, comfort and well-being of passengers, when you travel with Myanmar Airways International you are sure to complete your journey with warm memories of a pleasant experience.

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