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Malaysia Airlines
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Malaysia Airlines

Experience the joy of flying with the world's best cabin staff. Malaysia Airlines operate five flights weekly from Auckland and boast excellent connections across six continents. Step on board and experience our modern fleet, award wunning service and true hospitality.

For your next international holiday, experience true Malaysian hospitality aboard the much respected and loved, Malaysia Airlines.

First class

Malaysia Airlines' First Class cabin is all about pure luxury and peaceful tranquillity. Malaysia brings the sort of service more commonly associated with on-ground restaurants, spas and hotels to the air. Please note that First Class is available on B747 aircraft only.


The lie-flat seat has an 80-inch pitch and converts to a complete 180-degree flat bed. The headrest is adjustable and the massage elements provide maximum relief and comfort.


Choose from an a-la-carte menu and sit back and relax with a glass of Dom Perignon or a range of hot and cold beverages. For a taste that's truly Malaysian, sample Malaysia Airlines' signature dish, satay, or a local favourite such as Teh Tarik.


Fold out your personal 15 inch LCD touchscreen monitor and choose from over 350 entertainment options including movies, CDs, games, news, travel and flight options. Your headphones' noise-cancellation feature will ensure a pure entertainment experience. Power your laptop through a 115 volt power outlet and enjoy access to email and live text on your screen, and the use of a satellite telephone.

Golden Club business class

Taking the special needs of business travellers into careful consideration, Malaysia Airlines' Business Class offers a multitude of features and comforts.


Just because you're flying Business Class doesn't mean it's all work - you still need a good night's rest. That's why, in Malaysia Airlines' Golden Club Business Class, you can enjoy a fully adjustable 70-inch seat pitch lie-flat sleeper seat at a 9 degree angle for your sleeping pleasure. Your seat also features a curved shell that surrounds you with a wall of privacy.


Choose from an a-la-carte menu and, in between meals, help yourself to snacks or your favourite beverage. When travelling in Business Class, enjoy the range of hot and cold beverages. Indulge in French champagne or choose from quality beer.


Fold out your personal 10.4 inch LCD touchscreen monitor and choose from the same level of entertainment options as First Class passengers. The SELECT plus entertainment system allows you to browse through the movie and CD library, leaving you in control of your own personal entertainment program from the comfort of your seat.

Catch up on work and power your laptop through a 115 volt power outlet that accepts multiple plug types. You even have access to email and livetext on your monitor and the use of a satellite telephone, so you never need to be out of touch from business or loved ones.

Please note: Business Class lie flat seats are available on B777 & B747 aircraft only.

Economy class

For too long, Economy Class has been the much-poorer second cousin to Business. But Malaysia Airlines prides itself on the quality of the seating and service in all its Economy Class cabins.


In Malaysia Airlines' Economy Class, you can enjoy comfortable, mechanically assisted seats with a 34 inch seat pitch in one of the roomiest Economy Class seatings in the industry. Footrests and manually adjustable pneumatic lumbar support ensure a comfortable flight for all passengers, while a headrest with side wings and retractable armrest make relaxing and getting a good night's rest easier than ever before.


As part of its commitment to superior food service, Malaysia Airlines welcomes specific requests to make your flying experience all the more enjoyable. All meals are Halal and special dietary requirements can be accommodated with a selection of special children's meals. Enjoy a selection of hot and cold beverages on request.


Time flies with Malaysia Airlines' advanced in-flight entertainment system. Economy offers the same level of personal entertainment accorded to First and Business Class on your own personal 6.5 inch TV screen.

Clubs, lounges & alliances


Enrich, Malaysia Airlines' frequent flyer program accords members recognition through free flights and a range of exclusive privileges for value-added comfort and convenience.


Whether it's for business or pleasure, enjoy the best of both worlds as you wait for your flight in Malaysia Airlines' Golden Lounges. Dine and relax with the full use of communication facilities available in exclusive airport areas. The luxurious Golden Lounge is available for both First and Business Class passengers and Enrich Platinum and Gold members.


Malaysia Airlines currently has an alliance with Virgin Blue and Pacific Blue, and allows passengers to earn and redeem points through both Enrich and Velocity rewards programs.

The last word

Malaysia Airlines invites you onboard to experience the warmth and hospitality that have made Malaysia Airlines the preferred airline to frequent world travellers. Their modern fleet, combined with their ward-winning service, will ensure the perfect start to your holiday.

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