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Korean Air
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Korean Air

In Korea, the morning calm is the most peaceful time of day. Korean Air brings that sense of tranquillity and peace to its international air service with mouth-watering food, soft music, magnificent in-flight entertainment, attentive and friendly cabin personnel and the travelling experience you deserve.

A true value for money travel option with a fleet of 123 aircraft, Korean Air is one of the world's top 20 airlines.

First class

Welcome aboard Korean Air's most relaxed and luxurious seating category, a First Class airline boasting a top notch service.


The ergonomically designed 81.9 inch Kosmo sleeper seat provides optimal comfort with a cocoon style design offering personal space, plus a movable armrest and massage feature.

The 83.1 inch long and 11.2 inch wide seat offers a privacy screen between seats for personal space, adjustable leg and foot rests and lumbar support, and up to 24 inches of space between seats for more movement.


Enjoy exquisite dishes from Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisines, including steamed oxtail and Korean Bibimbop. Complement your meal with a glass of carefully selected wine from the award-winning wine service.


Through your personal monitor select from more than 10 movie and 16 music channels. View your favorite programs anytime with Audio-Video On-Demand (AVOD) available on select aircraft. A wide selection of newspapers and magazines are also available.

Prestige class

Korean Air brings prestige to the traditional area of Business Class.


The Prestige Plus seat is a sleeper style lie-flat seat with various features allowing you to experience the luxury of work in the air. Shell-flat seats provide your own privacy screen with 170 degree recline, movable slide armrest and an individual reading light. However, availability of this service is limited.


Enjoy mouth-watering traditional Korean cuisine along with a local menu inspired by each different destination. An assortment of drinks such as champagne, fine wine, Korean traditional wine, hard liquor, cocktails and beer are available throughout the flight along with coffee and tea and juice.


Prestige Class passengers have access to a multimedia in-flight entertainment system. Through personal monitors, you can select from more than 10 movie and 16 music channels. Audio-Video On-Demand (AVOD) is available on select services, allowing you to view your favorite programs at any time. In-seat power supplies make working in your seat a breeze.

Economy class

Korean Air makes flying Economy Class feel more comfortable than ever before.


Economy Class seating offers comfort and cosiness, with a seat pitch between 31-35 inches, depending on the aircraft. The seats are ergonomically designed with more personal space and Audio-Video On-Demand (AVOD) on 8.4 inch LCD monitors.


Try a range of local Korean cuisine including Korean Air's traditional Bibimbop and Bibim Noodles and see for yourself why they're award-winning. Or sample a menu inspired by each different destination. An assortment of wine, beer, coffee and tea and juice is also available throughout the flight.


Enjoy Audio-Video On-Demand (AVOD) on some flights and the latest films, various short documentaries and TV programs on the big screen on others. Or drift away with various genres of music including classic, pop, Korean pop and world music.

Clubs, lounges & alliances


Korean Air recognises loyal customers with special Elite club membership levels, which provide additional travel benefits and privileges. The different levels include Morning Calm Club, Morning Calm Premium Club and Million Miler Club.


The Korean Air KAL lounges across the world provide only the best of services to customers in a comfortable home-like environment. Facilities include snack bars, massage chairs and 46 inch PDP screens. Korean Air customers are also welcome to access the 480 SkyTeam lounges around the world.


Korean Air is part of SkyTeam.

The last word

Korean Air is currently preparing for the future with orders to acquire next generation airplanes, including 20 of the super efficient B787's known as the Dreamliner and 10 Airbus A380 super jumbos.

Korean Air offers one night complimentary accommodation and transfers in Seoul when the connecting international flight is the following day (conditions apply).

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