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Jet Airways India

With more than 380 daily flights to destinations throughout India and 20 international locations, multi-award winning Jet Airways India are becoming known as one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, with a focus on looking after their guests.

First class


Passengers with First class Jet Airways India flight bookings can enjoy luxuries such as mood lighting, a comfortable bed in a private room, sliding doors allowing the creation of a private suite and access to laptop computer power.


When it comes to dining, passengers choose from a selection of fine food and champagne. Jet Airways India also provides a wide variety of beverages, single malt offerings and a signature cocktail.


Guests are entertained with a selection of popular movies and programmes, viewed on a personal 23-inch flat screen TV.

Premiere class


Premiere Class passengers enjoy luxurious, roomy seating, with seats easily converted to a flat bed. Seats are in a herringbone configuration which means they all have easy access to aisles. All Premiere Class seats also have access to laptop computer power.


Jet Airways India’s Premiere Class guests can enjoy a snack or champagne at any time, as well as having access to a full menu of delicious meals. A selection of 80 movies and many more TV shows are available on personal 15.4-inch TVs.

Economy class


Seats in Economy Class are ergonomically designed for passengers’ comfort. Each passenger can watch a selection of movies and TV programmes on a personal 10.6-inch TV screen. If travelling with a baby, seats with bassinets are available upon request.


When you book flights on Jet Airways India you can be sure that you will have plenty to occupy you, regardless of which class you travel in. Apart from the many TV shows, there are a wide range of games, magazines and newspapers available, along with a vast music collection and library of e-books and audio books. Passengers can also access SMS, telephone and email services.

Clubs, lounges & alliances

Jet Airways India has a number of lounges in locations around the world that are available to their Jet Privilege Club members.

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