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Finnair Airlines

Finnair is the leading northern European airline to connect Australian passengers with Europe via Asia. With all flights being non-stop, Finnair's fleet of modern, wide-bodied aircraft offers the highest standard in seat comfort, excellent food service and amenities for a more enjoyable journey.

Depart from the convenience of your nearest Australian port on any oneworld airline to your choice of 11 Asian cities. Then join Finnair for a non-stop flight to Helsinki's multi-award winning Vantaa airport to connect you with over 50 cities in Europe.

Business class


Competitive fares, the most modern lie flat seats in the industry, more legroom and increased cabin space are just some of the reasons for choosing Finnair Business Class for your flight to Europe. You can test fly the seat at: www.finnair.com/lieflat


Enjoy food and drinks of a gastronomically high level in tune with the times and at your individual preference.


Business Class seats are furnished with a personal video system and screen as well as power sockets for laptop computers.

Economy class


With a seat pitch of 32 inches, Finnair's Economy Class seats offer comfort and room to stretch.


Enjoy traditional Nordic hospitality in Economy with home-style meals that are tasty and made of high-quality ingredients.


Enjoy movies, music and much more.

Combination class

Combination Class is a special Finnair fare type that optimises comfort and value. Combination fares fly you to Asia in Economy Class with Finnair oneworld partners (Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines) and in Business Class from Asia to Finland with Finnair - so you can enjoy the benefits of more comfortable lie-flat seating for a large part of your journey at a reduced price.

Lounges & alliances


Aeroplan® is Finnair's award-winning frequent flyer program and is free to join. Mileage can be earned and redeemed on any of the 20 Star Alliance airlines.


Finnair provides 18 award-winning Maple Leaf® Lounges with access to Star Alliance partner airlines' airport lounges where a Maple Leaf® lounge is unavailable.


Air Canada is part of Star Alliance, which currently boasts over 20 airline members; the largest and most awarded airline alliance in the world.

The last word

Fly Finnair to Europe and enjoy return or round-world airfares, Business, Economy or Combination Classes, your choice of 11 Asian gateways (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul*, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Delhi and Mumbai) and the convenience of the Helsinki hub with a minimum 35-minute connect time to over 50 cities in Europe. You can also connect with Finnair's network in New York.

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