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Dragon Air Airlines

Hong Kong's Dragon Air prides itself on offering passengers a comfortable, fun travel experience, placing a focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere for travellers.

First class


First Class guests are assured of maximum flexibility combined with comfort and space. Cabins are limited to 12 seats, ergonomically designed for total relaxation. Seats are easily adjusted to a variety of positions including a flat bed. Passengers also enjoy lumbar cushions and support systems, padded support leg and foot rests and a privacy panel. On some flights, seats come with in-seat power access for devices such as laptop computers.


An a-la-carte dining service with a regularly changing menu is available. For your entertainment, First Class passengers can choose from five popular video channels and 16 audio channels with their own personal video screen.

Business class


Passengers who book flights on Dragon Air for Business Class travel will be delighted with the comfort and services available.

Dragon Air's Business Class cabins feature 42 ergonomically designed seats, each with personal power access for laptop computers in many of the aircrafts. Seats have lumbar cushions and support systems, adjustable headrests and extendable legrests.


Choose meals from a trolley service, with a fresh food menu that is changed regularly.


For Business Class entertainment, Dragon Air's inflight programmes are shown on wall and ceiling mounted TV screens.

Economy class

Dragon Air's Economy Class passengers enjoy a fun, playful atmosphere. Selected seats have access to power outlets for laptop computers while all seats can easily view the inflight entertainment programme on the wall and ceiling mounted TV screens. Passengers can choose from two main courses from the foodcart service.

Clubs & lounges

Many business or frequent travellers make the most of the Marco Polo Club, Asia Miles programme or various partner frequent flyer programmes.

Dragon Air staff will go out of their way to ensure you enjoy your travel experience. Special meals and other requirements are catered for within all travel classes, with passengers required to make these requests when making their Dragon Air flight bookings.

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